School Supply Lists


Kindergarteners need many specialty items and sizes of supplies that can be difficult to find. Each year we bulk order these items for your family’s convenience and so your child has the correct supplies. This also includes all the folders your child will need for homework, etc. The cost of the supplies is $45 which will be billed to your FACTS account. On the first day of school, your child’s supplies will already be in the room ready for your child!

There are still a few items that you will need to purchase for your child’s classroom: 

  • 1 small backpack, suitable to hold homework folder and other small items
  • 3 boxes of Kleenex
  • 3 refillable baby wipes
  • 2 rolls of paper towels

First - Eighth Grade Lists

We are introducing a new way to access school supply lists. The site, Class Lists, allows you to click on your specific grade’s supply list and view all the items. (If you’d like to just see a PDF of the lists, scroll down.) There are many options of what you can do with the online list.

First, you will click the link Calvary School Of Yorba Linda
Next, click your specific grade level

The link will give you the following options:
1. You can choose the yellow box at the top of the page labeled, “Print” if you would like a hard copy of the list
2. You can pull up the list when you are at the store on your phone so that you can have it easily on hand with you.
2. You can choose the option, “Buy this List” on the right hand side bar and choose the store of your choice. You will then be given options to have the site fill the cart for you to the best of their ability (and you pick out the rest of your items) or to choose the specific items on your own.

We are using this system for class lists now to make the school supplies buying process more convenient for you. Whether you choose to view the list on your phone, print it out, or order the supplies online through the various store links, we hope the process of buying school supplies is much easier!

Helpful Tips and Information

·School Planner for grades 3-8 will be purchased through the school the first week of school.

·The below links are great place to purchase the specific Bibles on the school supply list.
* is a great place to find an ESV “Personal Reference Bible” with reference and concordance.
Amazon also sells this specific bible.