Financial Information

Today’s children need a consistent philosophy of life presented to them at home, in the church and at school. Calvary Chapel Academy’s teachers and staff are dedicated Christian professionals committed to work with the minds and hearts of children teaching them to think, learn and live from a Biblical worldview. Therefore, we believe that when you invest in the education of your children, you are investing in their future.

Below you can find information about Registration Fees, Tuition, Daycare Fees, and our Tuition Policies. Just click on the corresponding tab to read more about each subject.

Looking for 2018-2019 rates? Please call the office and we will be happy to send them to you. 

2019-2020 Financial Information

These fees cover the basic start-up cost for the school year and are paid annually. Registration fees are non-refundable. There will be no discounts given on the basic registration fee for multiple children in one family. The registration fee for the school year is as follows:

Kindergarten-8th Grade: $380.00* per student

*Withdrawal constitutes forfeiture of all registration fees and materials

What’s included in the registration fee? 

The following items are included in this fee:

  1. The cost of textbooks
  2. A.C.S.I. Membership Fees
  3. Accident Insurance
  4. Standardized Spring Testing
  5. Computer Lab Time
  6. Yearbook

Payment Plans

The registration fee can either:

  • Be paid in full by March 31st
  • Be broken down into 3 payments on the following dates:
    • 1. $150 payment by March 31, 2019
    • 2. $115 payment by April 30, 2019
    • 3. $115 payment by May 31, 2018

Tuition Fees

KINDERGARTEN                        FIRST CHILD                   SECOND/THIRD CHILD

Annual Tuition*                                   $6,697.00                                 $6,027.30

10 Month Plan                                    $669.70                                    $602.73


GRADES 1-8                              FIRST CHILD                   SECOND/THIRD CHILD

Annual Tuition*                                   $7,515.00                                 $6,763.50

10 Month Plan                                    $751.50                                    $676.35


*Take an additional $200.00 off of annual tuition if paid in full by August 1st. 

Payment Plans

Tuition is figured on an annual basis and may be paid in one of three methods.


An early-pay discount of $200.00 per student will be granted for accounts paid in full by August 1st, 2018.


Each payment is due on the first of each month. If payment is not received by the 5th of each month, a $25.00 late fee will be assessed.


Must have administration approval. Each payment is due on the first of each month. If payment is not received by the 5th of each month, a $25.00 late fee will be assessed.

Tuition Discounts

  1. CCYL church membership (10% discount): requirements for this discount can be given by the financial office. **
  2. 10% for 2nd and 3rd sibling **
  3. $200.00 if payed in full by August 1, 2019.

**Please note that only one discount for church membership or siblings will be applied.

The classrooms are open from 8:00am-1:20pm for Kindergarten, and 8:00am-3:15pm for 1st-8th grade. We have extended daycare available before and after school for additional fees.

K-8 Extended Daycare Fees (Monthly per Child) 

AM (6:30am-8:00am) $100
PM Kinder (1:20pm-3:00pm) $60
PM (3:15pm-6:00pm) $135
AM and PM $185
PM Kinder and PM $195
AM, PM Kinder and PM $245
Non-Instructional Days* $20

*For non-instructional days, students who are signed up for any monthly daycare will not incur the $20 charge.

You will be assessed a $1.00 late charge for every minute after 6:00pm

What if my child needs daycare one day but is not signed up for monthly daycare? 

If you are not signed up for monthly daycare, your child can still utilize daycare on a need-basis. Daycare is $5 per hour, charged at the top of the hour.

Each grade goes on a minimum of 2 field trips to locations local to Orange County. At least one month before the trip, you will be sent information about the trip, including the trip cost (under $30/person). If your child is attending the trip, the field trip fee will be charged to your FACTS account.

Certain grades have larger priced field trips (noted below). You will receive information about these trips months in advance.

Special Field Trips

4th Grade – Sacramento Trip                      $650.00 (per person)

6th Grade – Rawhide Ranch Trip                $230.00 (per person)

7th/8th Grade – Washington D.C. Trip        *price TBA

Other grades do have field trips throughout the year. The ones listed above are the high cost trips.


Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda Academy and Preschool utilize the FACTS Management System for all tuition and incidental payments. An enrollment email notice will be sent out once registration forms have been received. Each family is required to set up this account. FACTS payments can be made by credit card, checking account, or by mailing payments directly to FACTS.


All tuition payments will auto debit on your account on the 1st of the month. Return payments will be subject to return fees. A $25.00 late fee will be charge if the return payment is not corrected by the 5th of the month. If the 5th day of the month falls on a weekend or a holiday, payments must be made by the last school day prior to the fifth. If an account is delinquent for more than one month, the student may be removed from school unless special arrangements have been made.

The parents are responsible for updating financial information in their FACTS account. This includes updating any expired credit cards. FACTS will send direct communication to the parent regarding any issues with payments.


One-half of a monthly payment will be charged for any student withdrawn or dismissed prior to the 10th of any month that he attends, full charges being due for attendance after that date. The month of June is excluded and the full charges must be paid. Two weeks written notice prior to withdrawal is required.